Travel in Nonstop Comfy!

Now available in the U.S.!

Introducing kneezly!

A cozy, huggable travel pillow worn near the knees, keeping your legs comfy and under control, helping you to better rest and relax during your journey!

With its unique ability to also convert into a neck pillow and head pillow, you can now arrive at your destination feeling more rested and ready to explore!

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Converts into a super comfy and supportive neck pillow!

Worn on either the left or the right shoulder, the thick yet cozy round pillow fully supports your head, while the long cushion provides 360 degree comfort around your neck.

Rest your head comfortably when used as a head pillow! 

Use it for quick naps at the airport before your next flight, rest your head up against the window of the plane, place it on your tray table or on the shoulder of your neighbor (hopefully someone you know!). 

What makes the kneezly travel pillow so special is that with its unique versatility, it can also convert into a super comfy neck pillow and head pillow! That is the essence of traveling in nonstop comfy - you should feel comfortable throughout your entire journey, but it's not just your legs that may want comfort. Mix it up and give a little comfy to your head and neck! (In fact we actually don't recommend using it around your legs your entire trip - let your legs periodically move around some and/or get up and stretch!)

Additional Features

Super plush, high-quality foam with cooling beads

Fully adjustable strap for the perfect level of snug

Super soft, premium fabric (removable and machine-washable)

Compressible pillow for easy storage in stuff bag

One size fits most

Quick and easy to put on and take off

Attach to your luggage and travel gear

Detachable pillows to use however you like

What travelers are saying

"I will never travel again without my kneezly. It's soooo cozy! How have we traveled for so long without these?!"

Ross S.

"Being able to use it in so many comfortable ways has made traveling long distances so much more relaxing. LOVE this!"

Sarah C.

"My legs always want to swing out and touch the passengers next to me - this solves my problem in such a cozy way!"

Kyle R.

This is not your standard travel pillow.
You'll be amazed at how soft and cozy it is!

Compress it!

Attach it!

Use it however you travel!