The Story

After far too many flights with nonstop leg discomfort and no effective solution out there, I decided to begin the journey of creating the kneezly travel pillow. It started with buying fabrics, foams, and needle & thread from a local fabric store. With zero sewing experience, my many initial iterations were embarrassing to say the least, but something I was able to take to a professional manufacturer to turn my vision into a reality. Over a year was spent on sourcing the best materials and refining the design to ensure optimal quality and comfort. After hearing the initial positive feedback from early product testers, I knew it was time to introduce this innovative travel pillow to travelers around the world.

- Thomas Capra, Founder, CEO and Inventor

Vision Statement

More Explorers.
More Exploring.
More Comfy.

Mission Statement

We bring innovation, creativity and excellence in redefining comfy for travelers. But we don’t just sell products. We also obsess over inspiring and motivating people to explore this vast and beautiful world – and while they’re at it, positively impacting themselves, other people and the planet.