How to use the kneezly travel pillow

Leg pillow

Neck pillow

A few more tips!

Great for almost any height

Even if you don’t experience your knees and legs invading fellow passengers' space while traveling, you can still enjoy a sense of security for your legs, and most of all, enjoy a super comfy feeling with its cozy and huggable sensation around and between your legs. 

On the taller side? The round pillow between your legs will likely hang off the front edge of your seat.

On the shorter side? The round pillow between your legs will likely rest on top of the front edge of your seat.

The long cushion can be worn on top or in front of your knees

You may find that wearing the long cushion further forward - such as directly on top of, or in front of, your knees - is more comfortable. And it also adds an added benefit! If you happen to be on the much taller side where your knees are constantly crammed up against the uncomfortable seat-back in front of you, pushing the long cushion further forward allows you to use it as a soft barrier between your knees and the seat-back. Ask the flight attendant for a small pillow to also place there for even more comfort. Having your knees held together with the kneezly will help an additional small pillow stay in place!

Effortlessly keep your laptop on your lap

Using your laptop while on your flight (or waiting for your flight) means having to constantly use your leg muscles to keep your legs together so your laptop stays steadily on your lap. With the kneezly, your legs can fully relax while your laptop effortlessly stays securely on top of your legs!

The pillows detach to use however you like!

For example, use the round pillow to prop up a tablet!

Quick and easy to remove!

Simply unfasten the buckle to remove the kneezly from around your legs (or neck!). It's as quick and easy as removing your seatbelt.

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