Why kneezly?

It’s nearly impossible to rest on a long journey in crowded seating if your legs are:

  • constantly twisting and turning to avoid cramping
  • experiencing muscle tension as you try and hold your legs close together so not to invade fellow passengers' space - accidentally (and awkwardly) touching their legs
  • at risk of getting a nasty knee bump by foot traffic or the beverage cart coming down the isle

It all comes down to comfort and control.

The Comfort and Control Formula:

For travel, the kneezly pillow helps you achieve comfort and control for your legs by:

*Our assessments of the kneezly pillow's therapeutic benefits including potentially aiding in the reduction of muscle tension and cramping in the legs is our own evaluation from the result of extensive development, testing, and user reviews.

Now you can arrive at your destination feeling more rested, excited, and ready to explore!

Other ways to use the kneezly pillow

You don't have to use it just for travel! The kneezly pillow can also make life much more comfy in the following ways:

  • A comfy and cozy leg pillow for those who utilize wheelchairs
  • Use it while working at your desk
  • Perfect for just lounging around the house such as while watching a movie

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